Synopsis feature

Angel is born into an abusive family in a small town, left to the care of an alcoholic, drug-addicted mother; an extremely hysteric, jealous woman who is always screaming or passed out. She neglects the household, uses all the money on booze and opium, so the kids end up eating dog or cat food.


They live in a very beautiful house, go on 8-week holidays in a caravan every year. Despite the emotional abuse and neglect, everything looks lovely on the outside. During one of the holidays, mother’s sexual misbehavior in combination with alcohol becomes clear, and the obligatory small space of the caravan and car is killing the family members all in their individual way.

Back home the house is invaded by flees and the bloodstains are silent witnesses of the next disaster.

Angel craves attention and never gets it.
She is beaten up in school and has only one girlfriend; at the age of 6 these two girls become inseparable and have nightly adventures on their horse. They cover each others ears while Angels’ parents are fighting at night. Fights are on every night and Angel feels responsible to solve her parents’ problems. She takes care of her mother who is always bruised and/or hung over and prevents her mom from committing suicide.

In contrast, Angel is under extreme pressure from her father to get high grades, play the piano and to take dance classes at the age of four. Angel hardly ever speaks, but observes her environment carefully. She is very drawn towards her father who has no time for her, so she tries really hard to find ways to get his attention.

She begins by dressing in her mother’s clothes in order to sit on his lap.

After her mom falls into a coma from an overdose, Angel runs away from home and lives on the streets. She sleeps in bars or on couches at the dealers’ houses until she gets kicked out. During blackouts Angel is often raped by men that visit the dealer. She starts working as a nude model for photographers and pays her dance education from this money. For a while her alcohol and drug use seem to be under control. Angel starts to dance in different countries and moves to different apartments all the time to forget the mess she left behind.